Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Same Message!

Happy New Year everyone! New year, same message but hopefully with some new ideas. This year I worked on all the holidays except Thanksgiving. I am not complaning, (I'm just saying!)I learned that the holidays are breeding grounds for new ways to be a good neighbor. One way for me, was to remember "it is better to give than receive". I gave alot this year too, so much, it hurt in a good way. My daughter wanted a bridal shower during the week of Thanksgiving. I agreed to it, not knowing that I would have to work that day. It was stressful, exhausting, and one of the most wonderful times in my life. It showed me what was important, and what I was willing to do to see that smile on my daughters face. So even in the midst of my "stressed out and ends of my wit" giving, I still received.

My goals this year are consistency, caring and committment.

Make three goals this year: One you can obtain, one you are not sure you can obtain, and one you think you will never obtain. Watch what happens with these goals and yourself. Let me know!

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