Friday, June 11, 2010

Animals Appreciate Good Neighbors

Today I am in Chicago on a beautiful sunny day. My co-worker introduced me to a beautiful park that contained two of the largest swans I had ever seen. There were some Canadian Geese and a rabbit,there too. The park was beautifully landscaped with all kinds of foliage and fountains. My co-workers and I enjoyed a beautiful scenic walk through this Rosemont area park. That is, until we witnessed this woman throwing pinecones at one of the beautiful swans then yelling to it "if you come near me I will f@#$ kill you! I first thought 'wtf' then I realized she was afraid of the swan but instead of walking away with her children, she was taunting the poor bird by throwing things at it.

My thought: the swan was in his environment and existing peacefully until she invaded his world by challenging his serenity. Live and let live an old but wise sentiment.

Your thoughts please!